ASIC Banned and Disqualified Register

Well I was pleasantly surprised to learn ASIC has a seemingly transparent, accessible online search register of Banned and Disqualified persons and organisations.

ASIC being the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Excerpt from ASIC website

Banned and disqualified

The ‘Banned and disqualified’ search provides information about people and organisations that ASIC has disqualified or banned.

Notwithstanding I have founded grievances and continued sceptism over the actions, inaction and effectiveness of ASIC in its role as national regulator for the financial services industry, there is nonetheless a host of information at the website and there are certain legal perimeters which need to be abided by.

Following various Inquiries and present Royal Commission into the banding and financial services industry ASIC have noticeably made changes. It certainly is purporting to be doing its job.

ASIC does, after all, have access to resources in its role which it appears have applied in part to upgrade its service and obligations.

If you are in business, have a company or any financial dealings whatsoever, it is advisable to visit the ASIC website, if only to check media releases.

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