Beta Facebook Dislike Button

Confession…I’m one of the persons in the Facebook community who has sought to have Facebook introduce a dislike button.

Truthfully for myself, many a time I have wanted to share my sentiment with a writer’s/friend/family/colleague’s post only to find hitting the ‘like’ button inappropriate or inapplicable.

Mark Zuckerberg warmly explains the reasoning behind the beta Facebook Dislike Button project.

Mark states Facebook has finally heard what the community has been asking for and speaks about the intention and differentiation of disliking posts.

Many social media writers however are taking the fear mentality stance of a dislike button.

Utilizing an interpretation that disliking posts will result in lower SEO, marketers are creating content (and no doubt product eventually) based around negative impacts of disliking posts.

Although reading someone’s thoughts can be interesting and thought provoking, it is just a persons opinion of a reality we can either decide to be part of or not.

Isn’t it past time we hit fear on the head?

Personally, I’d rather concentrate on being authentic in my relationships and interactions which means being connected and emotive.

An extension of sharing and connecting in cyber world is having an option to hit the dislike button; for those times when to dislike actually means to agree or empathize.

There you have it, the Facebook Dislike Button is on its way.

Are you that segment of the community who asked for a Facebook Dislike Button?

If so why?


Now knowing what the dislike button is purposed for, have your intentions changed?

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