Using The Internet To Make Some Money

Using The Internet To Make Some Money (via MISEL | Earn Money Online Blog)

Do you want to make some money from home, but aren’t sure how? This is what many people are thinking because they don’t bother to learn. You are a step ahead of the curve just by finding this article. Read on for proven opportunities to make the…

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One of America’s fastest growing private companies

Along the singing journey I’ve been told many a time that the music industry is heartless and very few can devote a full time career to the industry expecting it to cover living expenses let alone any quality of life.
Perhaps times are a finally changing…
As the world acknowledges more and more the benefits of sound, song and music for emotional healing, education and recovery of motor skills now we are also seeing the financial evidence

Bach to Rock Ranks as One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine (via PR Newswire)

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, announced today Inc. magazine ranked the company No. 2023 on its sixth annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a comprehensive…

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The Science of Getting Rich


 Straight out of Wallace D Wattle’s classic The Science Of Getting Rich:

  1. Do not dwell on whether yesterday’s work was well or poorly done.
  2. Do today’s work well
  3. Do not wait for a change of environment before you act. Cause a change of environment through action!
  4. There is never any time but now, and there will never be any time but now
  5. You cannot act where you are not. You can only act where you are




To define success is different for each person but certainly there are steps, formulas and tips that will lead you to whatever the picture of success is for you.

Whether it is the success of being organised or on time or the meaning of success many equate to as wealth, time and time again we see patterns, tips and paths to enable us to move from or between one place or point to another.



In business the more systematic your processes become the more efficient and productive the outcome will be.

In fact that is how franchise businesses work.

A franchise relies on the intellectual and copyright property of systems and processes to work (in the full knowledge that they do work). These are onsold under a licence in order to earn passive income.

In this scenario the value of the business could be in the branding e.g. McDonalds, Jame’s Home Services, the equipment (if necessary) e.g. dog washes and the processes.

For the likes of food chains there may also be value attributed to recipes e.g. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Start and build onto. Write it down, safe it on computer and put hard copy in a binder or book and you start to form a manual.

Continually re-assess systems and procedures.

Just because you have something as a part of the process, you may find it no longer serves you, or perhaps you find that you may need to start grouping into stages i.e. stage 1 and stage 2 and/or departments or specific to job descriptions.



Following a flow chart or check list are easy ways to maintain flow, incorporate new steps and teach new processes whilst maintaining a continuum.

They also help with pin pointing deficiencies, potential problems and in some instances to remove risk and even death e.g. pilots.

Once you modify systems slot changes into the flow charts and checklists.

A simple checklist may start out as a numbered list or check box form.

One of the easiest yet mostly taken for granted procedures is education.

Educate staff on changes. Let people see the big picture and the flow chart which clearly shows what is expected and why.



Be flexible with yourself and others, including customers and staff.

Flexibility means an openness to change and change means growth.

If something isn’t working don’t try to make it or them fit. It’s like trying to put something square into a round hole.

Just for a moment imagine all the energy needed mentally and physically not to mention if money is involved… what a waste … Bet you’ve been down this road already.

Well now it’s time to STOP

Find flow … be in the moment and bring all thoughts and attention to that point in time. Be at peace, in harmony … peace of mind … what was it you wanted to achieve?



Have you thought to have your wealth profile done?

Well let’s make things a whole lot simpler.

Roger Hamilton created a Wealth Dynamics Profile. What  is it?

It’s a range of questions, very different to that of the Myers-Briggs and other Personality and Profile Tests.

What I love about this profile test is that it does not attack or pull your personality apart as do psychology based profile tests.

This test reveals your unique assets, raises your weaknesses to reveal how you can serve yourself and others by concentrating on your strengths.

It shows you –

  • the Most Natural Activities you should be focusing on to create wealth
  • Role Models who share your wealth profile – which top entrepreneurs you should study and learn from
  • your Strengths and Weaknesses as a wealth creator (what gets you into your flow, what are distractions and what are opportunities)
  • how to build your Wealth Foundation (first steps you should take so you don’t lose your wealth later)
  • Critical Moments of Wealth Creation (what to look for)
  • how to Chanel your Strengths so the world responds favourably
  • the things You Need to Own  (things you should never outsource to anyone and things you can delegate freely)
  • how to leverage
  • how you secure your cash flow




Each day take a step toward your goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small the step is, it’s just a step, another link necessary to get from one point to another.

Along the way read read read.

Theres a range of books at the Associates Store all of which I’ve either read and in many cases have met or know the authors and attended their trainings and seminars.



VISIT THE STORE or click on the book image to purchase The Science of Getting Rich

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