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Hi there, I’m Dianne.

Dianne taking a call, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 



Yes I am a real person.




Head along to my personal website and if you’re inclined, you shall find me across cyber space.

My physical body resides in Australia.

So, just briefly, I’ll attempt to explain how Web Bizness came about and why I know myself and Team Web Biz can help you.

My career background up to early 2000’s was in corporate, specifically the legal industry. By that time it had spanned two decades.

Yes, OMG and if you read my personal site and come to know me, eventually, you will see that I haven’t been able to escape it. Ironically, and lordy now into 3 decades. Another story… READ MORE

Basically –

  1. I am creative and I love learning
  2. I like sharing what I learn
  3. I make things matter
  4. I don’t accept no or the word can’t
  5. I look for solutions
  6. If I can’t find a solution, I create one
  7. If I can’t find someone to help, when it matters enough, I do it myself
  8. I believe we are all entitled to health wealth and happiness (whatever that is for you)

Through personal experiences and circumstances outside my control, my previous involvement in conventional business was stalled so I sought alternate and futuristic ways to apply myself. You can read more here of at my personal website

So this lead to re-assessing the way business is done and creating my own ways. I wanted to –

  • Provide alternate solutions for people in the position where they are disadvantaged financially;
  • Share experiences and learnings for the benefit of others; and
  • I needed an outlet for the intellect and creative mind

Web Bizness is also my contribution and collaboration toward growing the means to provide support for the single parent main carers of children Parenting without Partners

I’ve forged friendships and partnered with real people from all walks of life around the globe. People up on their stuff and best of all, true of heart.

Frankly, if they’re not in line with similar values I have toward integrity and heart centred business and living, then I’m not interested.

The Focus Forward

The quest for Financial Education, Financial Independence,Financial Security and Financial Freedom … Where does it start and end?

We believe in the concept of sharing knowledge, empowering ourselves and others, and the right to a joyful life.

In addition, the present realm within which we live operates on the exchange of money for services and goods in order to survive. Historically man has exchanged working hours of service for a dollar amount. This way of life is becoming obsolete for reasons we won’t delve into now, but which consequently poses the following dilemmas –

  • Is owning your own business a better position to be in as opposed to being an employee?
  • How does an online business compare with a traditional based business?
  • How do you take a traditional business online?
  • How has the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 affected traditional business and is a Home Based Business the better way to go? If so, how much of the business can be taken online and if so how fast and effective will it be?
  • What costs are involved with running a business online and what if I don’t understand how it all works? It’s in cyber space right?

All these questions and more will be dealt with. It really isn’t that big a deal.

Don’t worry!

It is however a constant learning curve. And if you would like to join the Web Biz clan for as long or as brief as you like, then we’d love to have you.

Changes occur daily on the web. Actually that’s not quite accurate enough, it’s more like momentarily in cyber land.

Take one site for example, Facebook… one of the largest most active sites known today, or even Google…

If you aren’t up to date on the changes then you could easily be left behind or at the very least not be tapping into the market you need to, which in business, is your livelihood.

We don’t profess to be gurus. And truthfully there are no gurus, that lesson I learned years ago thank you very much to my singing/music teacher Bronwen Barton. Love her dearly.

What I do aim to do is for Team Web Biz to be up on all things Web Bizness. Not one person but with the whole team, you can be and we’ll have it covered.

We’re here to help because I’ve been there and if I haven’t then we’ll learn and share on the way.


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Dianne Mead



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