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Hi, my name is Dianne

Over the years I’ve owned businesses, established and marketed multiple law firms, authored and trained, coached and consulted to numerous businesses in unrelated fields from the legal industry, professional development, education and training to the other side of the spectrum in alternate health care and personal development.

Through such diverse experience I’ve also been blessed to be part of numerous groups and organisations both online (the web) and offline and to have had exposure to assorted affiliate marketing and affiliate networks from corporate to home based businesses.

Just like many of you, for years I made money for everyone else at the expense of myself and my family.

After I had a baby I wanted to be in a position where I could work around my commitments as a parent, which for me came first.

I thought establishing my own business was the way to go to give me the security and flexibility I needed particularly once I became a single parent.

Unfortunately not.


Duped by experts and harrassed by vultures

Despite seeking expert financial advice on the business plan as well as finances to support the growth of the business I was duped and I lost everything I had worked for and more. On top of losing my business and my home, my health deteriorated and before I realized it a domino of consequences ensued and my life, my lifestyle, security and quality of life had vanished.

In hindsight perhaps had I not been placed in such a position I may not have travelled the road that has lead me where I am today, online.

Thankfully I’ve been able to keep up with the morphing process through the shift from conventional and traditional business to the modern style of running business online and the incorporation of an online presence with the already established traditional business.


World Wide Web surpasses traditional business models 

Since 2006 my involvement with an international training company together with its marketing company gave me insight and exposure to a completely new world – the world of public speaking and internet marketing. It also gave me higher quality exposure to personal and professional development and current best practice with the latest in psychology.

In turn, with that expansive exposure, I have been afforded influence and teachings from some of the greatest speakers, internet marketers, personal and professional development leaders and others of our time. GREAT MINDS.


Critical financial lessons 

The two biggest and hardest lessons I’ve learned are:

  1. Never put all your eggs in one basket; and
  2. Don’t rely on only one income stream


The World Wide Web (www) was originally an information portal but with technology advancing as quickly as it has done the World Wide Web has now become, what I call “the new hybrid business hub” and it’s the now current and progressive way of conducting business.

And so… I’ve leveraged my knowledge and skills by transposing it to the web.

BUT …creating websites does not guarantee income!


World Wide Web and the issue of trust

Another thing, there’s more than ever, way too many loopholes and sharks out there in cyber world ready willing and very able of taking your money, your identity and your livelihood. Navigating the web can be overwhelming and disheartening and down right dangerous. Who can you trust?

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Transparency key to trust and respectful relationships

I hold strong values on integrity, justice, sharing and compassion, value for money, the sharing of knowledge and helping others. Check out my other sites if you need to find out more about me.

I am the author of this site and creator and founder of the following sites –


Constant change a certainty on the world wide web

The sites continue to expand with more information, relevant information and resources to help people like you, like me, live more fully, more free, more abundantly and certainly more joyfully …

If you’re interested in joining me GREAT!

I look forward to our journey together!


Yours in Mastering Success Online



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