Affiliate Marketing Basics: Let’s Talk About Traffic

When you’re just getting starting in Affiliate Marketing, one of the most important things you need to learn about is traffic. Specifically what it is and how to get it. Why? Because although it’s become somewhat of a cliche these days, the truth is, “the money is in the list”. That means YOUR list, not […]

Favicon Dilemma

Begin contemplating marketing and one of the newest additions to the arena of marketing tools, search engine optimisation and branding is the Favicon. Huh, what’s that you ask? Well, I consider it similar to the gravatar, double huh I hear you say? In my view both are as important as the other. These are icons […]

Professional Resources

These are links to people and resources I’ve found knowledgeable, helpful and useful over the years. Drop back soon. The list is a work in progress and I have more to include.   Eventbright for Events Management Magnum IP Legal Services Rea & Sockhill Solicitors – Bruce Sockhill Michael Hyatt Sandra Faye Photographer Christopher Street James – Bristol Editor […]

Starting an Online Business Presence

Ok, so you’ve decided to start an online business or you are creating an online presence for an existing but otherwise already established traditional business. Do you have a name? There’s a couple of options now because you may choose to utilise one of the free sites on the web to start with. TIP are […]

CCH Australia Calendar

CCH Australia a leading business publisher and information services provider. CCH Australia products  are accurate, authoritative and timely. They cover tax, accounting, financial planning, bankruptcy, law, court, trade practice, HR and more Stay up to date with current best practice CHECK the CALENDAR to find trainings and seminars pertinent to your business needs.   CATEGORY […]