Starting an Online Business Presence

Ok, so you’ve decided to start an online business or you are creating an online presence for an existing but otherwise already established traditional business.

Do you have a name?

There’s a couple of options now because you may choose to utilise one of the free sites on the web to start with.

TIP are you serious about being seen as a business? If so I think, for as little as it costs now to register domains you are much better to simply register your name. In the long run you want to be branding yourself and this is part of the process.

Once you’ve decided on a name register it. This is called the Domain Name which will become the “url” for your site.

Register Your Domain Name

You’ll then need to point the domain name to your host. The host provides space for your site to sit in cyber space. Think of it as a storage facility, your storage facility. The place where all your files pertaining to your website will be placed. The norm is to pay monthly or annually and fees are dependent on the size of the storage facility you need along with other pros and cons.

TIP you can always upgrade so there’s no need to go overboard with the expenses. Besides the idea is to spend as little as you can until you’re covering costs and then you can look to increasing expenses.

Here are two options. The first is one and the same company with whom you’ve registered the domain above. This way you can keep everything together.

Or, if you’d like a more personal relationship with your host then I recommend Rod George. Rod is very reasonable, helpful, knowledgeable and generally a down to earth chap. 

I’ll be back with more info soon, but in the meantime this will get you started.

Any questions whatsoever just send me a line.


To Mastering Success Online

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