Super Stream what is it?

SuperStream is a standard of measures, introduced by the Federal Government,  for processing superannuation data and payments electronically.

The main aim of SuperStream is to ensure employer contributions are paid in a consistent, timely, efficient manner.

Under SuperStream, you need to pay super contributions for employees electronically (EFT or BPAY) then send associated data electronically.


If you make super contributions for employees you need to get ready forSuperStream.

Businesses with 20 or more employees should already be using SuperStream. Businesses with 19 or fewer employees had until the end of June 2016.

However, the ATO extended the deadline to small businesses to 28 October 2016 to get SuperStream ready.

This means the ATO will not be taking compliance action against small businesses that missed the 30 June deadline.

To read up on SuperStream info supplied by the ATO, click here.

You can also find information on ATO web page for Small Business Superannuation Clearing House and case studies on the website.

Source:  The Tax Institute


Small Employers (19 or less employees)

What are your options?

You have two options to comply with the new standards. You can either use;

  • a software solution that conforms to SuperStream, or
  • a provider who can arrange SuperStream compliance on your behalf, like Sunsuper.


Other Resources

Find out more about Sunsuper’s SuperStream solutions or call 13 11 84 to discuss requirements

SuperStream employer checklist | Australian Taxation Office

Superguide founded by Trish Power, author of Superannuation for Dummies, Super Freedom (a woman’s guide to super), and DIY Super for Dummies.


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Early Stage Venture Capital Partnership

The operation of an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership 

How it works

A fund registered as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership can only make eligible investments.

While it maintains its registration, any returns from those investments are tax free.

An Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership is regulated by the Venture Capital Act 2002 and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and:

  • must self-assess that its activities comply with the legislation
  • submit quarterly and annual activity reports to the Board

The Board, in conjunction with the Australian Tax Office, will:

  • monitor Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships to assess each fund’s compliance; and
  • may revoke registration where an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership is found to have contravened the legislation.

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