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Yes, Eventbrite is the place to go for all your online business events booking needs.

I’ve been involved with the internet and marketing/branding myself and others online for a few years now.

Until I found Eventbrite I just was not happy with what was out there on offer and to tell you the truth, the more you look the more choices and more confusing it becomes.

Eventually, due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn’t in a position to simply hand over money and try this one and that one any more. I had to be discerning with my spending. You see I lost my business due to bad, very bad financial advice. So… for about the third time in my life I found myself starting from scratch again, and the big problem was, I was now in the online business which was growing and moving at a faster pace than offline business.

So the obvious thing to do was to hunt down all the FREE online programs and applications that I could utilise to move the business fast and without very little or no expense.

Thankfully I came across Eventbrite and as we all know word of mouth is the best recommendation and so it was, through my involvement with Pat Mesiti.

You see although I’ve been through the mill with losing my home and livelihood I am also able to see where on one hand I was “losing” on the other I “won”. During that period of my life I was exposed to the world of internet marketing, public speaking, coaching and the new era of marketing  –  online.


For your Events Management tools Visit EVENTBRITE to:

  • Create
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  • Manage


  • Accept Event Payments



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